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Magnetic Hematite Jewelry

Magnetic Hematite Jewelry. Unique gleaming magnetic hematite jewelry for both men and women including magnetic hematite rings, magnetic hematite necklaces, bracelets, earrings and magnetic hematite wraps. Hematite is used in many cultures around the world for its healing properties. It is thought to clean the blood and helps to energize and revitalize the body It gets its name from a Greek word meaning blood-like because of the color of its powder.

Magnetic Hematite

Combines the power of magnets for maximum relief and timeless beauty! Magnets have been used for centuries to relieve pain throughout the body and help in energizing the body.


*Note: Women who are pregnant, or people with mechanical valves, pacemakers, insulin pumps or anything in their body that is run on a battery CANNOT wear magnetic jewelry.