Handmade by artisans in Kenya using traditional methods passed down through the generations, these batik bone necklaces are great for men or women.  The chain is crafted from leather with a brass closure.  The "tooth" is carved from ethically-sourced, sanitized animal bone

Product Features: 

  • Handcrafted and designed in beautiful styles, unique details on each piece. Because of the hand-carved and hand-painted beauty of each piece, no two are identical.
  • Naturally water and stain resistant
  • Socially responsible goods that is empowering to consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate poverty. Fair trade is so much more than a product assortment. It's about safe workplaces, fair wages + community investment for factory employees.
  • Made from ethically sourced animal bones that would have otherwise been discarded.
  • Each piece is approximately 8-inches long


Necklace will come in a linen bag. 

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