This U-shopper basket is a versatile tote, beach bag, shopper, or home décor item. Handwoven by artisans in Ghana, it carries on weaving traditions passed down for generations. Woven from renewable banana leaf and elephant grass native to the region, each basket is unique in construction. The leather handle undergoes a natural dyeing or painting process, resulting in colors from black to red. Variations in appearance are to be expected given the natural materials. Sturdy yet flexible, proper care allows these baskets to last for years.

Standing approximately 13-14 inches wide and 7-8 inches deep, this medium basket is washable and collapsible when not in use. As handmade items, no two will be identical and colors may differ from those pictured due to natural material properties. Shopper baskets are shipped flat and may require reshaping. To reshape, completely wet the basket in your bathtub or a large utility sink. Once it is saturated, shape it, putting something heavy in it to hold the shape you want, and let it dry.

Supporting these fair trade crafts helps sustain traditional village handicraft techniques for future generations.

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