These handmade wooden measuring spoons are so nice, you won't want to get them dirty! Smooth and sturdy, these spoons add a rustic look to any kitchen. Beautifully carved by hand by artisans in Guatemala using reclaimed wood from the roots of coffee bushes, tied together with jute string. They come in a set of four. Each is unique, no two are exactly alike!!!

Set includes: 1 TBS, 1/2 TBS, 1 TSP, 1/2 TSP
Wood: Coffee Wood

Cleaning: To clean your wooden utensils, simply wash them under hot water with a gentle soap.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, exact measurements may vary slightly.

Fair Trade Made in Guatemala: Artisans are paid fair wages, and allows the artists to make a living, stay in their home communities and carry on cultural traditions.

Due to the handmade nature of Fair Trade items, slight variations are to be expected and only add to the beauty and the authenticity of each item.

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