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Spoon Rings

Welcome to KVK Designs Spoon Fashion Ring Collection.  Our timeless designs inspired by flatware and artfully crafted over the centuries. These beautiful rings are a one of a kind look that's adjustable for complete comfort.

sterling silver spoon fashion rings.  We hope you enjoy viewing our spoon fashion rings.  All our jewelry fashion rings are .925 sterling silver, unless otherwise noted.  Each Spoon Fashion Ring is delivered in a fabric pouch for a quality presentation perfect for gift giving. Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Mother's Day.  Great for every day and evening wear.

The history of the Spoon Ring dates back as far as the 1600s in England and were originally thought to represent love, responsibility and commitment.  As the story goes, servants who had fallen in love and wanted to propose marriage would steal silver spoons from their masters’ homes and have them crafted into rings. They were too poor to afford any sort of “real” engagement ring, so this was their best alternative to offering a beautiful and valuable ring to the woman they wanted to make their wife.