This human skull replica will be the "life" of any spooky seasonal party or themed event. Spine-chillingly realistic with a grim grin, this skull looks like it was freshly dug up from a graveyard. Can be used as seasonal Halloween table décor or to adorn a year-round gothic curio cabinet or for hamlet reenactments! This skull is a versatile ghoulish piece that is sure to be a show (or life) stopper.


The skull weighs 0.8 lbs. 6.5 inches by 4.25 inches by 4.6 inches, and is a tad smaller then an actual human skull.
An actual human skull measures roughly, 6.75-inches long x 6-inches high x 5-inches width.

Made from lightweight and sturdy handcrafted Poly-resin that captures exact anatomic detail to make the piece resilient and macabre.

Each piece is hand painted. Colors may very slightly from the picture.

Wipe with a dry/damp cloth or dust lightly to keep it as spooky as ever.

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