Hand-carved from a single piece of Kisii soapstone by African artisans, these small soapstone hearts are brightly painted and a great keepsake reminder to share the love with your family and friends. African soapstone, also known as Kisii soapstone, comes from Kisii county in southwestern Kenya. Soapstone is one of the softest known minerals, making it easy to carve.


Assorted Colors
Designs will vary on each heart.
Chose your color.
Each heart measures approximately 1.5-inches.

Soapstone is a soft, natural mineral from the earth, making it easy to carve into many forms. Handle with care to avoid breakage. Each piece has gone through multiple stages of sanding and waxing, giving the soapstone a satiny finish.

Fair Trade Made: The support of these crafts helps sustain and promote traditional, indigenous village handicrafts so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Your purchase helps the environment while also transforming the lives of disadvantaged people with whom we share the planet.

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