Coffee scrubs take our standard sugar scrub and add a delightful extra feel and natural scent by mixing in coffee grounds. We find that not only do they tend to exfoliate slightly better than our traditional scrub the scent combination is amazing for those who love coffee. Our oil blend already left the skin silky soft after use but the addition of the coffee adds and extra boost. Coffee contains caffeine which is known for being great for skin care and we totally agree. So take your skin care to another level and enjoy our amazing coffee scrubs.

- Sweet ripe orange notes blend well with the bitter almost chocolate notes of the coffee for a scrub perfect for the morning -

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Sugar, Coffee Grounds, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract

All our products are GMO Free and Cruelty Free.

Scoop a quarter sized amount into your palm and rub in a circular motion on your body or your face to exfoliate. The scrub will rub off the dead-skin cells while the oils hydrate your skin. Rinse. This all-natural sugar scrub will make your skin so happy!


*If you have allergies or sensitive skin, use the list of ingredients on the label. Do not use these products if you are unsure about the ingredients.  

*If irritation occurs, discontinue use and wash skin immediately.



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