A soft comfortable cuff with black suede fabric that is stitched together. Text printed on colorfast fabric and ink is heat set for durability. Easily cleans with a wet one. This cuff closes with a vintage button & a stretchy loop.

7.5" L by 1 3/8" W
Fits a wrist size approximately 6 3/4" to 8"
Bracelet fit wrists: S, M, L
Always fits a smaller wrist just a bit looser.
If you have a wrist smaller then 6 3/4" please let us know, and we can adjust the button closure.

Bracelets on model show how the cuffs fit.

Handwash and lay flat to dry.
Some customers put them in the washer w great success.

This product is handmade with love <3

Our bracelet will come in a linen bag.

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