"My artistic flair was confirmed when I was accepted to dance for the Boston Ballet Company at 11 years of age. After many years as a ballet dancer, I retired and majored in art in college. I have always been enamored by the art and craft of jewelry design, a skill that I learned through books, jewelry making classes and experimentation. My labor of love began in 1991 when I acquired a piece of Pyrite from New Mexico. Once in hand, I promptly turned it into my first unique necklace creation. It wasn't long before many of my friends and family were buying my creations; they loved wearing my original designs."

While working as the manager of a small gift boutique in 1995, I was wearing one of my original pieces. When the owner approached me about where I had gotten my unusual necklace, I told her that I had designed it. That is when I had my first official order, and started designing necklaces for her store. Later, I branched out on my own selling my necklaces to gift and clothing boutiques. I founded my first online store KVK Designs Natural Stone Jewelry ( in the spring of 2000 to bring together my love of art and natural jewelry design to create jewelry pieces that are unique and beautifully made. "I love the exquisite beauty of nature as it expands and enriches the senses".

KVK Vintage was born from my love for antiques, fair trade and bohemian style. "I have been buying antique furniture, keys, jewelry, clothing and fair trade handbags since I was a teenager. I thought it would be fun to create jewelry using these keys and then my ideas expanded from there. Antique keys are beautiful representations of history and carry great distinction in their unique designs". I hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of jewelry and accessories, that they inspire you and you enjoy them for years to come!!!